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My PA daughter is now 6. Thankfully, she is now responsible enough to carry them with her wherever she goes besides school. And we still have 2 sets at school too. Thank you so very much. While our insurance through the school district we work for covers our daughters epi pens, my husband and I have many students whom can benefit from this coupon. We let the school nurse know and she thanks you as well. We are not-so-patiently waiting for our allergic boy to weigh enough for the Epi-pen Jrs. For now, we carry a few tiny syringes and hope we never have to use them.

Thanks again!!

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Why is it that ppl that have medicare, medicaid, or tricare or other federal program not able to particapate. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! My whole family has to have epipens with us.

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My son is allergic to peanuts, milk , and eggs and my daughter and I have to take allergy shots weekly. This gets really expensive when they expire each year. This is awesome. My daughter has a large range of allergies and luckily we have not had to use her epipen yet but we have to fill it every year.

Our copay is around 50 for a two pack. I noticed that it says it expires December 31 , do they do this every year? I am allergic to ant bites and living in Florida its unavoidable….. Praise the Lord! Thank you so much for this site. My son had his 1st severe anaphylactic reaction to mushrooms in spaghetti sauce at a friends house. They were able to help him and told us how bad he needed an epi-pen.

We have been unable to afford them. I would like to know how to go about getting these? I have been in. Hospital 3 things for allergies shutting my airways. No it is not free under medicare, I still have to pay the full retail price until all deductibles are met. There are forms for other meds too. There are forms for other meds too — See more at: That's great!! The only Kmart in our area was closed in January. But if they have it, someone else has to have it. The doctor said he did not know about the problem.

Keep calling around. Apparently, Epi pens were recalled about three weeks ago. The pharmacies I spoke to will not sell epi pens until the new, post recall, pens have been sent to them. They do not want the liability. If you need an epi at this time, call Stef - Have you discussed this with your doctor? What about calling other pharmacies? I can't get a cost.

How to Get Free EpiPens

My CVS says all epi's are recalled. Mine expires in May, but can't get any replacements. I'm told none are available. Anyone know if the expiration date can be stretched?

I can't be without an epi, but can't replace it according to the pharmacy. Sabine - will the cover a different generic epinephrine autoinjector? You doctor has to specifically write the prescription for the generic ones. Otherwise, the pharmacy has to dispense the brand name. I hope. I hate dealing with insurance. Why do they fight something that saves lives? That's an issue. She's out until I refill hers. The insurance is more lenient with kids. They know the school requires one with the refill tag on it as does the church, one at home and one on her.

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I keep her epi that stays home in my towel drawer. So kind of a built in back up. The end of last week, my doctor talked to the insurance. He got me brand epi pens back. But I am still only allowed a two pack every 23 days as their prescription plan does for all drugs. Thank goodness my daughter and I use the same dose in epi's now. Doctor said to fill it every 23 days until I get three packs.

Then replace as needed. I have idiopathic anaphylaxis. I'm told it's a form of a mast cell disorder. All it means is that I can become anaphylactic to anything at anytime.


Example- I just had knee replacement surgery. I had been taking my pain medicine less than recommended for about two weeks. When I took it the next time I needed it, I went into anaphylaxis. Another one is sometimes I walk out the door and I go into anaphylaxis. I do have known food allergies, but I avoid them.

What to Do If You Can’t Afford Epinephrine Auto-Injectors | Kids With Food Allergies

So anytime, anywhere. My kids have had to give me the epi pen at least five times when I couldn't myself. Yes, it would not fire. We tried both pens in the pack and neither would fire. I remembered I had epi pens I refilled in May before insurance made us go generic. I ran and grabbed them. It worked as always. My daughter still has bruises from where we tried to inject the generic pens a week later. I will never trust them again.

How To Get Free EpiPens

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