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Only when the problem is articulated can healing begin and soul, if I have one leaving me empty, humiliated, without purpose or a shred of self-worth.

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I felt finished, wasted, a shell. The world was not black. Slowly the weeping abated, calm returned. By early afternoon I was laughing again while thinking back to the insanity of mid-morning, wondering, what the hell was that all about? People can often fall into extreme phases of low mood after facing adversities in life: Some see their doctor or a psychiatrist. Many seek counselling in order to build up coping skills and to re-define meaning in life, which obviously medication does not provide. IMI is a trusted and respected natural medicine and wellness clinic.

Our new branch in Discovery Bay is now open! Our qualified specialise in:. All of these measures aim at stress reduction, where stress can stem from bigger adversities, attachment patterns, maladaptive coping styles such as the need for control or for perfectionism, the need to please, personality and lifestyle. Signs of depression can include: Most people using medication report a significant improvement in their condition, and greater capacity to get back to the things they used to enjoy. It can include exercise, stress management, how to improve your sleep and maybe working with a psychologist.

You could start with your local doctor. There is a range of effective treatments, medications and health professionals who can help on the road to recovery — and many things people can do to help themselves and stay well. Finding the right treatment and the right health professional is important. Our range of services include:. Our online insurance comparison portal which includes:. Karmel Schreyer reports February And without change there is no growth, or so the saying goes.

Whether a family's decisions are motivated more by push- or by pullfactors, there can be no denying that the transition to high school and beyond is a testing time. Ciao to Cristina When the Poma family moved to China in , they did not know how long they would stay. DB residents since , they were happy with the local education system here.

But as time passed, with eldest daughter Cristina entering Year 10 at Discovery College, Pietro and wife Maria Luisa decided it was time to put a long-standing plan into practice. Apart from being very happy about keeping Cristina, my mum was a schoolteacher for 40 years and we knew that would be a help as the education system in Italy is so different from Hong Kong.

Giorgio left our hometown when he was just two and Gregorio was born in DB. Nevertheless, it was a tough decision. When the family left DB in June for the holidays, they were undecided to the point that Cristina did not say anything to friends. The decision was not finalised until August. For obvious reasons it is much more challenging than before and we, as parents, live every single moment with apprehension and concern. Good news is received as a great achievement, whereas any difficulty she encounters makes us wonder if we made the right decision. Luckily our families are very supportive.

Still, we face a deep sadness when thinking about what our life was like just a couple of months ago. In October , Camille returned to California, this time without her parents and little sister. She is currently living with her grandparents, finishing high school, cheerleading and learning to drive. Louise adds that it is very hard to have Camille away, but she can see that her daughter is growing up in so many ways.

This move has boosted my independence and made me ready to take on life after high school. I am truly grateful for the opportunity my parents are giving me and the care my grandparents are giving me. Of course I miss my family back in Hong Kong, but I had to let go one day and I guess I just did it a couple of years sooner than most teenagers.

The expectations of all parties involved must be made known, with opportunities to change views and feelings given. Simon Parfitt reports. Or is it? Almost half of all American women with children under the age of 18 are the primary or sole source of income in their families, according to a major Pew survey released last year. Back in , the share was just 11 percent representing a huge social shift. As a financial adviser working in Hong Kong, I am happy to report that I meet an increasing number of women. When the time comes to make an investment decision for a future event, they do so with conviction.

And they are right to be. Careful planning enables women to concentrate on where the financial strains of tomorrow will be in order to iron them out today. A key element of purposeful planning is to monitor the progress of any set strategy at regular intervals — ideally this will be carried out on an annual basis. Prevention is better than cure Essentially, a plan must identify the primary financial risks generally faced by professional women. An average working woman will break from her career path for as many as 11 years because of family commitments.

This illustrates the need for a plan that protects her income.

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The three vital layers of protection to be researched and considered are life insurance, critical illness and health insurance. These are the three best arrangements that will ensure all is not lost for your family should something happen to you. Prevention is always better than cure. A well thought-through protection strategy delivers peace of mind; and that, in the hour of need, is priceless. For any woman planning a family, private health and medical care cover is particularly important. Are maternity care and childbirth costs included? Draw up a retirement roadmap A financial health check can get you started or re-started drawing up your own bespoke financial roadmap.

What needs to be on the list? Certainly, the. But also look at any long-term savings you may wish to commit to for future retirement. It is intriguing to note that while 66 percent of women say they expect to carry on their current lifestyle in retirement, over 50 percent admit they do not contribute to either a company or personal pension scheme. And last time we surveyed older women on this subject we discovered that just 20 percent receive an adequate pension to support a retirement lifestyle of their choice.

With proper planning, an adequate pensionable income becomes not only plausible but realistic. The structuring and implementation of a long-term savings plan should be given priority. It needs to be both flexible one that will permit time out when family pressures cannot be ignored and robust accommodating and supporting job changes, company switches and location moves. Furthermore, statistics also bear out the fact that. Career women confirm that they earn a far higher salary overseas than their peers are earning back home. Expatriate employment packages can still cover a number of living expenses over and above the pay grade, generating an increased disposable income some of which can be set aside for the future.

A significant further advantage to working nomadically, as expats tend to do, is the opportunity to invest in international cross-border pensions which offer inherent bonuses both within the saving term and when it comes to actual retirement. You can email him at simon.

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If you own an Australian Property, you must lodge annual Australian income tax returns. ATS can ensure you remain fully compliant with Australian taxation requirements and can help you to a tax free investment and tax holiday through proper tax planning. We are fully independent of all lenders and therefore. For a free, no obligation discussion contact: Once in Hong Kong many helpers reloan as they can borrow money more cheaply here than in the Philippines or Indonesia. Some will borrow again to pay for emergencies back home or simply because loan companies.

Co-founded in by DB resident Myriam Bartu, Enrich is a Hong Kong registered charity that aims to empower migrant women to take greater control of their finances. Its workshops focus on equipping helpers with the skills, knowledge and m o t i v at i o n. Enrich also offers one-on-one support through a Financial Health Desk, and workshops on entrepreneurship are offered to helpers wanting to set up a business when they return home. After attending a workshop 78 percent of the women begin saving regularly.

I am more determined than ever to prepare for my return to Indonesia, learn more and save for whatever business I want to put up when I go back home. Tips for employers While some debts are difficult to avoid, many helpers get into more serious trouble with loans which often affect their employers.

Then came the calls on their landline and even mobile phones from strangers asking for Christy. It turned out that Christy had pawned her passport to get a loan to pay back a loan that she had taken out for a friend. She is in serious debt. Borrowers are often unable to oversee the long-term financial hardship they are putting themselves in and as a result many are permanently in debt.

If your helper is being pressurised to pay back a loan, you may be willing to take it over. This can save her from getting into more serious trouble with unscrupulous loan sharks and from paying exorbitant interest rates. Should you suspect your helper is facing financial hardship, sit down with her to discuss the situation and possible solutions in a calm and nonintimidating manner.

To win a class, turn to page First held in , the festival just keeps getting bigger and better, and there are now several events open to all. The Arts is one element of building creativity. It supports developing the confidence to express ourselves in different ways, solving problems, learning new skills and getting in touch with our creative side. The festival opens with a carnival parade, which sees students and teachers dress up as their favourite artist, actor or singer.

Throughout the week, students are involved in everything from workshops run by the Hong Kong School of.

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Dragon dancing during DC Arts Fest! Senior students benefit from electives including art gallery and theatre visits, a singing masterclass, app building, and costume design and architecture workshops. This year, there are also classes for primary and secondary students with Kalani Das, a percussion expert from America.

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A community festival As in past years, several events are open to the public. The Arts Fair is a community favourite, displaying and offering for sale arts and crafts created by DC students and parents, and artists from around DB. Turned on by its rich past and spicy mix of cultures, Catharine Nicol reveals her addiction to the bustling Malay port of Malacca.

A perfect beginning. Colonial past Located near the bottom of the Malay Peninsula, Malacca is a great walking town, and I start out along the river. The town was just a fishing village when Prince Parameswara, fleeing from Singapura Singapore , founded the port of Malacca in Its central location between Arabia and Europe made it a perfect trading hub for spices of course, but also gold and silk, tobacco and opium.

In the Portuguese took over, building a huge walled fortress, and it took six months for the Dutch to seize the town in They ruled for nearly two centuries, before the British moved in, swapping a Sumatran colony for Dutch Malacca in , and ruling until Malaya was given independence in One of the results is a fascinating mix of European architecture. Peranakan present Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures are visible throughout the city.

Go west from Red Square, over the river and find yourself in Old Malacca, where the streets are narrow and the buildings smaller and more charming. Harmony Street real name Jalan Tokong strings together the centres of worship of the three main faiths: The town is very proud of its Peranakan, also known as Baba men and Nyonya women heritage. The descendants of the Chinese immigrants. Snacking may well be the national sport here. Local pursuits Everywhere you go are places to snack. Look out for local specialities like assam pedas spicy, slightly sour fish curry and satay celup skewers of pretty much anything cooked in a boiling vat of soupy satay sauce.

The t-shirts they sell are affordable art on the go. This deliciously rich and spicy noodle soup seems to epitomise Malaysian cuisine and culture: Malacca is two hours by road from Kuala Lumpur and just under three from Singapore. Competing in the TransLantau endurance run is no walk in the park, but did you ever consider how much of a challenge organising an event of this scale must be? Beverly Au reports. Participants tackle this tough, scenic challenge solo or as a team of two, and can choose between three distances. The event starts and ends on Silvermine Beach in Mui Wo. Of course the Lantau trail-running community will be out in full force and this year, 30 percent of the athletes enrolled are from overseas.

This is quite a result when you consider that in , just 50 DB athletes took part in the race, all of them personal friends of the Dumonts. Recalling that inaugural run, Sabrina mentions how hard she found completing the 50 kilometres. For TransLantau, six different permits are required from different departments according to location, for instance beach, trail and catchwater, as well as villages and private land. With sponsorship in place, proceeds from the race can go to charity. This year, our goal is to. Runners are invited to share with the children of Nepal by donating any amount on a voluntary basis, while registering for the race.

The logistics of organising an event like this, when you actually think about them, are enormous. Thinking about the medical and safety team alone takes several months of preparation. For the TransLantau, runners are required to be semi self-sufficient, equipped with the mandatory gear and food reserves, but still a lot has to be provided. In the lead-up to the event, the Dumonts must purchase myriad essential items. The volunteers By the time race day dawns, Sabrina and Clement have established a partnership with a minimum of volunteers, who assist runners during the event itself.

They assist either as course marshals directing competitors and safety ,. Kipkids class on Monday 5: Outdoor furniture trends for focus on transforming balconies and terraces into fully fledged alternative living areas. But the truth is not many of us do al fresco decorating well. We may have the interior down pat be the scheme East meets West, modern minimal or contemporary classic , but all too often our outdoor areas let the side down. What then are the key outdoor decorating trends for , and how can we put them into practice?

Having already achieved a breezy freeflowing feel within our homes, the goal for is to make outdoor living spaces homey and inviting. Let it weather to its natural silver grey, and it will last forever. Remember that the new-look outdoor area also requires a little dressing up. The trend is decorative and personal, and again there is no reason why indoor accessories think ceramics and plastics cannot be moved outside. The decor will be eclectic. Start simply by, for instance, pairing brandnew aluminium bistro chairs with an old wooden table.

Parasols are becoming popular. Myriad materials exist just as easily outdoors as in: If you like a timeless look,. The ultra-hip Bounce Chair at Everything under the Sun is stylish, and engineered for comfort February Look out too for cutting-edge lamps made specifically for outdoor use that are becoming available in a hip range of colours and styles. The trend towards furnishing the terrace or balcony like a second living room is seeing a focus on sofas which, combined with beanbags and poufs, create a genuine lived-in feeling.

The more hectic everyday life is, the more we crave cosiness and recreation. This is why all the best modern balconies are big on relaxing. And where can you chill out best? Fitted with comfortable upholstery and cushions, they simply invite you to hang out and relax. Warwick fabrics at Rimba Rhyme come in vibrant geometrics and stripes. Join the thousands that line both sides of Victoria Harbour on the second day of Chinese New Year February 1 to watch the spectacular firework display from 8pm onwards.

The breakout star of the early noughties has won over countless pop-rock fans with singles like Sk8er Boi, Complicated, Girlfriend and My Happy Ending. A self-taught musician, who plays guitar, piano, and drums, Lavigne is known for her powerhouse voice, high-spirited melodies and straighttalking lyrics. Learn to salsa, visit a new museum on Hollywood Road and see Avril Lavigne in concert.

Fold a coloured piece of rectangular paper in half, making a long, thin rectangle. Make 12 cuts along the fold line. Don't cut all the way to the edge of the paper. Unfold the paper. Glue or staple the two uncut ends together. Glue or staple a strip of paper across one end of the lantern to make the handle. Expect live bands, dance performances and street dancing. You can also learn to salsa at workshops given by top international and local instructors. Find out more at www.

As well as being an interactive platform for the industry, offering up an incredible range of pet food and supplies, there are seminars, performances and cat and dog shows. For more details, visit www. A perfect way to treat your loved one. To reserve a table, call Here are our top five picks: Save list item.

Related titles. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America. Elon Musk: Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. The Innovators: Devil in the Grove: This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate. A Memoir Based on a True Story. The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer.

The Prize: Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. The World Is Flat 3. A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century. Smart People Should Build Things: The Sympathizer: A Novel Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris A Novel. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Top Nonfiction on Scribd View More. Top Fiction on Scribd View More. Thanks for the write-up, Sed, it actually solved a doubt I had regarding the materials to craft these. As for the looks, your screenshot made me wonder - does the Evil Hermit one look as good on the male version?

Cause it looks beeeautiful in you!

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Photoshop , Mar 4, Depends on fashion tastes I got this for you today. Eroine , Mar 5, Thanks for the screenshot Sed, looks nice! I'm also curious now about the other one, the Heaven's Hermit deco. Not a fine one but the BeastMaster decos also look nice, based on the icon, but I don't know for sure. Could be here in the forums through pictures or ingame, but I wish they had a preview of the decos somewhere, so you could see how they look like before comitting to them.

It would be a quality update I think, since decos are a particular expensive kind of item in this game. Photoshop , Mar 6, Feb 6, Messages: Nice guide, very helpful. Many thx. Subarash1 , Mar 8, Nov 10, Messages:

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