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      Rite-Aid Pharmacy Discounts | Save up to 80% | Easy Drug Card

      Rite Aid is one of the nation's leading drugstore chains. It provides customers with the support, products and pharmacy services needed to keep themselves and their families healthy. With over 2, stores in 19 states and the District of Columbia, they are a trusted and recognized brand. For more information about Rite Aid, click here.

      Details 1. At this time, Walgreens coupons and gifts cards are not active at Walgreens-owned Rite Aid stores. You will be able to use Walgreens coupons and gift cards at these stores once they have been converted to the Walgreens brand and system. Please let the in-store team know if you have any questions. I'm a Rite Aid Customer or Patient. Will products and services remain the same at my store? For now, you can expect the mix of products and services at these locations to remain [largely] the same.

      Eventually, we will convert the Rite Aid stores to the full Walgreens experience, including signs, products, services and customer programs. After that, you can enroll in Walgreens Balance Rewards program and earn points toward future purchases.

      Rite Aid Pharmacy Cialis

      Will Walgreens-owned Rite Aid locations honor Walgreens gift cards? Once these stores transition to the Walgreens brand and system, they will begin accepting Walgreens coupons and gift cards. In the meantime, Rite Aid gift cards are available for purchase. Yes, these stores will continue to sell and redeem Rite Aid gift cards until they have been converted to the Walgreens brand and system. Yes, this store will continue to accept Rite Aid promotions, including the Rite Aid advertising circular and coupons, until full conversion to the Walgreens brand and system is complete.

      How does the new Walgreens pharmacy in my Rite Aid store affect me?


      The pharmacies in these Rite Aid stores are now part of the Walgreens prescription insurance network and accept most insurance plans. Please see your pharmacist with any questions. How do I fill a prescription at a Rite Aid location that is now part of Walgreens? Just stop in or call your pharmacy.

      RiteAid couponing haul 11/4/18

      Any pharmacy team member will be happy to assist you. Any pharmacy team member will be happy to assist you, either over the phone or in person. If you would like to fill your prescription at a non-Walgreens owned Rite Aid store, please speak to a pharmacist to have your prescription transferred.